Empowering your staff through customer feedback

Staff are at the forefront of every customer experience, with their knowledge, attitude, and insight critical to the interaction any client has with a brand.

But aside from meetings, KPIs and direct management, how do your staff know what’s ticking the box of a great experience or what might be letting them down on the customer service front?

That’s where comprehensive feedback that comes directly from their customer comes into its own, allowing staff to instantly understand what’s working and what’s not when it comes to the customer experience they provide.

A true customer experience

Seeking feedback directly from the customer at the moment they interact with a brand offers crucial insight into what they believe works and which areas of the customer experience could be improved.

While this feedback is a powerful tool for business management, it can also be invaluable to staff, allowing them to take ownership of their role and define the areas they need to focus on to improve the products or services they provide.

With that in mind here are four ways customer feedback can empower your staff.

Inspiring ownership

A customer feedback system that openly shares results with its staff allows employees to take ownership of their role and personally look to find areas for improvement.

If they can see what’s working and what’s not, they can use each individual interaction with a customer to consistently improve the service they provide.

Defining focus areas

It’s all very well for a manager to tell staff what areas need improvement, but if employees can see it for themselves in the comments and feedback their customer provides, it becomes easier to focus on the right areas.

Instant, actionable feedback offers the opportunity for staff to quickly define what resonates with their customer and shift their focus accordingly.

Offering instant insight

In business, the customer experience is made up of multiple moments in a client’s purchasing journey that add up to create their perception of a brand and loyalty to it.

If staff are empowered with instant feedback, it allows them to ‘up their game’ in that moment.

Rather than hearing from management a day or two after an event that a customer appreciated their professionalism, or walked away feeling frustrated, it enables staff to instantly understand the client sentiment.

Improving confidence

Ultimately, this personal insight into the customer experience gives staff confidence in the job that they do.

It allows them to better understand the importance of their role, appreciate the tiny service moments that matter, and gives clarity about what meets the customer expectation.

With confidence comes empowerment and a professional investment in the job that they do.

The art of instant feedback

The art of instant feedback

Courtesy of technology, gaining instant feedback into the customer experience is now easier than ever.

Using digital feedback terminals such as Moodly ExpressPODs, businesses like retailers, hospitality providers, and service centres have the opportunity to seek instant, actionable feedback in real time.

Moodly’s digital kiosks are positioned at a location where feedback is likely to be most forthcoming, for example the Point of Sale in retail, the customer service counter in a bank, or the exit of a restaurant.

Customers then have the opportunity to express their sentiment, with data instantly distilled into real-time actionable reports, that allow business to quickly identify emerging issues, and instantly take steps to resolve any problems.

This data can then be shared with staff, giving them a greater understanding of the touchpoints that matter in their job.

You can learn more about the benefits of instant feedback here, or see exactly how easy it is to implement real-time feedback with Moodly ExpressPods.