Moodly FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have not covered your questions in this FAQ, please contact us.

How scalable is the Moodly platform?

Our customers cover the entire spectrum: From boutique coffee shops with a single outlet to a multinational airline conglomerate, and everything in between.
This is possible thanks to our scalable business model. You pay a simple price per ExpressPods. This price depends on the number and type of terminals you wish to put in place. The more you grow, the more affordable each location becomes, which means you can start at any level that suits you!

Can I really draw meaningful conclusions from the Moodly ExpressPods?

In order to draw meaningful conclusions you need statistically significant data samples. Even a single Moodly ExpressPod will help you collect up to 30 times more responses than older ideas like email surveys. When you add this data to your own industry-specific experience, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to understand what is going on and how best to react.


What happens if children or disgruntled adults press the buttons too many times?

Moodly features smart anti-tampering measures that effectively filter out this kind of invalid feedback. It’s therefore very unlikely that someone will be able to manipulate your data to the extent that you draw the wrong conclusions.

Which feedback terminal is best for me?

This depends on the environment where you will place the feedback terminals, and what you want to gain from them.

The small ExpressPods are most often used to capture feedback from somebody experiencing 1-1 service at a service desk or table.

The large ExpressPods are most often used in a high footfall area to capture feedback from passers by. An example would be at the exit or entrance to your store.

Will smiley questions be enough for me?

You would be surprised what our dashboard can do with a simple smiley question. Our Insights dashboard automatically reveals hidden trends based on time and location. And if the smiley question is not enough, you can always switch to multiple-choice questions with a click of a button, or use our contactless option.

What sort of question should I ask? How often should I change it?

This is entirely dependent on your aims. If you want to measure Net Promoter Score, ask how likely people are to recommend you to a friend or family member. If you wish to understand customer preferences, switch to multiple-choice mode and ask people to make a choice from a series of options. The possibilities are endless and, if you’re unsure, our team is on hand to help you decide.

As for changing the questions, we have clients that ask the same question all year, every year, in order to measure a trend. At the opposite end of the spectrum we have clients that change the question weekly in order to stay on top of customer preference.

Again, the answer for you will depend on your aims but, again, we’re here to help you figure that out!

I have more advanced needs. Do you offer an API?

We do! Our API allows you to integrate the feedback into your own dashboards and reports, thus matching your existing company processes.

How easy is it to get started?

Moodly works out of the box, with no need for special installations, integrations, or consultants to get going. Our Guidebook is the perfect resource to get you up and running with confidence.