How safe do your staff and customers feel?

COVID-19 has changed almost every facet of our lives, from the way we shop to how we spend our leisure time and even how we work.

So as shops and restaurants reopen and people venture back into the workplace, it’s important to consider how safe do customers and staff feel about the environment your business offers, and what do they believe could be improved?

Changing customer sentiment

In September, McKinsey Research surveyed Australians regarding their sentiment in a post-COVID world.

The data revealed:

  • 34 per cent of customers had switched stores in a bid to shop in an environment that was less crowded
  • 19 per cent had switched to a store that they believed was cleaner
  • 16 per cent had switched to retailers with better delivery or pickup options


  • 33 per cent ranked cleaning and sanitization as their biggest priority when shopping in-store
  • 27 per cent were focused on physical distancing
  • 12 per cent wanted to see masks and barriers
  • 11 per cent looked for contactless purchasing
  • 8 per cent wished to see clear store regulations, and
  • 7 per cent viewed health checks as a priority

These responses serve to illustrate how customer sentiment has changed, and the new factors businesses need to take into account when it comes to meeting changed consumer needs.

Employee concern

It’s not just customers expressing their concerns about business environments post-COVID. Many employees also have genuine fears about factors like workplace sanitisation and proximity to other people.

In August, the Australian Financial Review revealed a quarter of professionals would prefer to keep working from home until they felt safer, but one in four felt obliged to return to the office.

Employee concern

“The reluctance to return to the office was mostly linked to concerns around exposure to others who may not take safety guidelines seriously, being in close proximity to co-workers or customers, and fears over commuting,” the AFR noted.

Meanwhile, many employees also noted working from home was efficient, and often more convenient.

These findings highlight the very real concerns employees have about their workplace, along with how remote working is a rising trend.

Both this customer and employee sentiment begs the question, how safe do people feel in your business in the wake of COVID-19?

Using feedback for improvement

As people return to work, retail and restaurants, now is the time to home in on exactly what your specific staff and customers think and feel regarding your workplace and its COVID safety.

What are their personal priorities, does your business meet their expectation and how can you improve to better accommodate a changed landscape?

That’s where seeking feedback comes in, with a view to better understanding the new needs and expectations of both your clientele and staff.

Ascertaining this has also never been more important. As the consumer sentiment data above illustrates, customers are more than willing to switch stores, restaurants or businesses as a result of their new needs not being met.

How Moodly can assist

How Moodly can assist

Our affordable, easy to install feedback terminals can be positioned anywhere in a business to seek feedback from customers or employees.

We also offer touchless options to further cater to COVID-19 concerns.

If you’re looking to understand the changed needs and concerns of your staff and customers, and whether your business is living up to their expectations, you can view our ExpressPod feedback terminals here.