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Learn what customers or employees are really thinking, identify issues
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ExpressPods Moodly Terminal - An all‑in‑one Solution
Our insights dashboard

Clear, Clever Analysis

Our platform shows you how to keep winning at customer service and employee morale by presenting actionable insights gathered from every customer touchpoint 24/7/365.

Overall performance

Gain a big picture perspective of your performance with instant and easy to understand data.

The overall performance section allows you to view feedback in smiley face categories that offer a percentage breakdown of the levels of customer or employee satisfaction.

Overall performance also captures data including the volume of responses compared to previous periods and illustrates feedback with a simple graph where you can gauge satisfaction levels at a glance.

Location, Date and time comparisons

Compare dates, locations and terminals with the overall performance index.

Quickly ascertain how locations compare using simple tables that break down each terminal’s feedback into satisfaction levels and overall scores out of 100.

See whether a location is improving compared to previous data or whether satisfaction is in decline and you need to take action, while also gaining an insight into the volume of responses overall.

Net Promoter Score & Insight Index

Quickly and easily track your business performance with charts that allow you to see satisfaction levels by the hour or day.

Segmented into smiley colours, the charts enable you to access insight at a glance, illustrating when satisfaction is at its highest, when it’s lagging or when a trend needs immediate attention.

Compare this to staffing and product or service offerings to understand who your best performers are, or when additional training, motivation or action might be needed.

Reports & Notifications

Receive insight on the go or share important information with your team courtesy of reports and notifications that you can tailor to your needs.

The reports section allows you to set parameters like time, date, and location, while also offering insight into response volumes, performance and potential focus areas.

Notifications enable you to have alerts sent directly to your email or smart device. These instant notifications allow you to receive the information you need most and can be triggered by thresholds that you set.

Trend Spotter

Trend spotter allows you to quickly ascertain themes emerging in your feedback.

Whether it’s specific days where satisfaction improves or times of day when it dips, the insight centre provides visual trendlines that offer an indication of what’s working, what’s not and when it’s occurring.

You can use this insight to improve service, targeting specific locations or times of the day and week to lift overall performance.

Smart Advice Panel

Using all the data available from your feedback terminals, the smart advice panel highlights pain-points in your business and offers advice for improvement.

The panel’s clear and simple tips are based on actionable data that hones in on trends, alerts you to issues and suggests easy solutions and actions you can implement to ensure satisfaction.

Gauge the mood
with Moodly

Did you know that 72% of customers will share a positive experience with 6 or more people? On the other hand, if a customer is not happy, 13% of them will share their experience with 15 or even more people*. 

The challenge here lies in the fact that, in most cases, customers don’t tell you they’re unhappy. In fact, only 1 in 26 unhappy customers actually complain. The rest, they leave.

So capture your customers’ feedback before it is too late. Our ExpressPods are fully customisable so they can fit perfectly in any environment: retail, hospitality, customer service, educational institutions, healthcare environment, and so much more.

Moodly customer satisfaction kiosk - Customisable

Customisable to your brand

Ready to use anytime

Multiple mounting options

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    *Source: Superoffice