Six ways to encourage customer feedback

There’s no doubt customer feedback is invaluable when it comes to informing business decisions, making improvements and identifying opportunity, but how can business best entice this engagement from their clientele?

The reality is, gaining feedback isn’t quite as simple as requesting it via email or allowing comments on your social media page. Sourcing accurate and comprehensive feedback takes a concerted effort on behalf of a business, regardless of whether you’re a retailer, government organisation, cafe or resort.

Here are six ways to encourage customer feedback.


Keep it simple

When the act of providing feedback becomes complex for a customer, it quickly falls to the bottom of their to-do list. That’s why it’s important to keep the channels for feedback simple.

The best, most accurate feedback is found in the moment the customer is making an important decision about your business. That’s when the experience is fresh in their mind and the recount is most accurate.

If you’re looking for true feedback, keep it simple. Don’t ask the customer too many questions at once and give them a quick method to provide it at the location where they’re making their decision.


Multiple arenas

As customers, most of us regularly have business tap us on the shoulder via email or text for feedback, but this shouldn’t be a business’ only way of seeking to understand the customer experience.

Requesting feedback via email survey or text tends to target customers who have already provided their details. In other words, they’re already engaged with a business, so the feedback they provide doesn’t offer a comprehensive insight into the full customer experience.

Instead multiple means of seeking feedback are preferred – whether that’s a quick anonymous instore survey at a kiosk, or comments via social media.

Multiple ways of seeking feedback complement each other, offering a more complete picture of the true customer experience.


Meet customers where they are

What are the steps on the purchasing journey – because this is where you should be meeting your customers or potential clientele to find out what they’re thinking.

Every point on that journey requires them to either opt in or walk away, so as a business it’s critical you understand why they make the choice they do.

That’s why it’s important to meet customers where they are and seek feedback at numerous touchpoints – whether it’s on your website at the abandoned cart, or at the Point of Sale asking about their experience in the queue.

The aim is to understand why they said yes or no at that particular moment in time.


An instant, anonymous option

Not all customers have engaged with a brand before, and not all are willing to impart their personal details – whether that’s an email address, a phone number, loyalty information, or their social media profile.

That’s why anonymous feedback should be part of any greater feedback strategy. Anonymous feedback allows you to tap into potential customers who have visited your business but may have chosen not to ‘buy’ for any number of reasons.

Whatever that reason is, it’s important to get to the bottom of it, because this reveals the missed opportunities of business.


Offer incentives

If you want someone to do something on your behalf, it’s important you provide something in return. That might be the opportunity to win a prize, the promise of improved service or some sort of further reward.

This is particularly important if the feedback you seek requires time and effort.


Act on the feedback you have

Providing feedback involves an element of trust on behalf of the customer. It implies you’re interested in what they have to say and value their opinion. That makes it critical that any business is seen to act on the feedback that they’ve been provided with.

On social media that’s as simple as responding to customer comments, but when using email feedback or surveys, it’s critical business actively communicates to indicate they are closing the loop.

Only when customers feel you are listening and improving does the relationship of trust begin to build, and of course, this is one of the key reasons business seeks feedback in the first place – to create and keep a loyal customer.


True, comprehensive feedback

Moodly offers a unique system that enables business to quickly and easily seek instant feedback from their customers.

Our simple to install kiosks are wireless and battery operated, allowing you to position feedback kiosks anywhere in your business and tailor customer surveys to suit your needs.

This data is then instantly funnelled to a dashboard which offer notifications, net promoter scores and the ability to gauge customer satisfaction in that moment, over the course of that day or over a period of time.

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