Smiley faces and how they meet the customer feedback challenge

Smiley faces and how they meet the customer feedback challenge

Long before a customer review hits the internet, it’s important to know what your patrons are thinking. And this applies to every sector of business, ranging from government services through to banking, hospitality, and transport.

But how can you gain feedback quickly and then turn it into actionable insight that can be utilised to improve your business, its services, and products?

Smiley faced feedback

The smiley face is universally recognisable, regardless of language and culture. In terms of feedback, it also saves valuable time that would otherwise be spent inputting numerical or worded responses.

That’s why smiley faced feedback is swiftly becoming the method of choice, allowing customers and patrons to quickly enter their desired response.

Benefits of smiley faced feedback include:

  • Visually inviting feedback.
  • Speed of feedback.
  • Ease of feedback.
  • Improved response rate.

In fact, using smiley faces on a touchscreen feedback survey has been shown to increase the response rate by between 100 and 500 per cent.

But smiley faced feedback doesn’t stop the moment a face is selected on a touchscreen, it’s what then happens to that feedback that counts.

Feedback with actionable insights

Feedback with actionable insights

If you’re a business or government organisation looking to gain quick and effective feedback, it’s not just speed of response that matters.

It’s also critical to consider what happens behind the scenes to compile that feedback into actionable data for your business.

Whether you’re looking for an instant net promoter score that changes in real time, or tips drawn from analytics that offer an insight into areas for improvement, any feedback system that you implement should do some legwork for you.

It should also distil that data into relevant charts that compare time periods, allowing you to better understand the customer service or other factors that are impacting your business success.

Automated and centralised

Meanwhile, this system should be automated and centralised, allowing you to draw feedback from multiple locations or to have the flexibility to ask varied or identical questions.

This enables a business to seek feedback in different places, focussing on the questions that matter at that moment of the customer experience.

The Moodly example

The Moodly example

Moodly offers easy to install, wireless ExpressPODs that offer the flexibility to implement smiley faced or ranked feedback questions that offer data and feedback in real time.

Positioned in the most critical areas of your business, they allow customers to quickly input their responses and then distil them into instant, actionable insight that a business can draw on to improve their service or products.

This includes real-time net promoter scores, charts, and automatically generated tips for which areas to focus on.

Critically, due to their ease of use and appeal, these feedback terminals capture instant data from a wide range of existing and potential customers – not just those who have previously purchased with you and whose details you have via an app or email.

In today’s hygiene-focussed world, these feedback terminals are also available in a touchless model where the respondent simply hovers their finger over the desired feedback response.

The final word

Whether you’re in retail, transport, hospitality, education or customer service, smiley faced feedback that is implemented via a simple terminal allows businesses and organisations to streamline and simplify the feedback process both for respondents and the business.

Best of all, that simplicity does not come at the expense of insightful and usable business data.

You can learn more about Moodly ExpressPODs here.