The future of customer feedback in 2021

It’s no secret business is increasingly dependent on the customer experience, with brands required to delight and excite their clients then exceed the customer expectation.

That’s not likely to change in 2021, but the way businesses, and particularly sectors like hospitality and retail seek to understand their customer in the year ahead will see a shift.

In 2021, these businesses which have been so heavily impacted by Covid-19 will need to comprehend their client more comprehensively. They will need to know what their client wants and act quickly to deliver. And that will come down to seeking customer feedback.

So how will the process of seeking customer feedback change in 2021?


Last year was a complicated and at times overwhelming year for both businesses and their customers.

Meanwhile a time-poor consumer no longer has the time for long-winded and lengthy feedback sought via email, paper or in-app.

This year seeking feedback will need to be simple for the customer involved. The opportunity to have a say will need to be offered in the moment a customer is engaged with a business, and it will need to be quick and easy to undertake.



Between planning surveys, issuing them and reconciling the resulting data, traditional means of seeking feedback have been labour-intensive and costly for business.

Then, the resulting response rate can vary depending on the feedback method used.

Data indicates the following methods elicit the following response rates:

  • In-person surveys – 57 per cent
  • Mail surveys – 50 per cent
  • Email surveys – 30 per cent
  • Online surveys – 29 per cent
  • Telephone surveys – 18 per cent
  • In-app surveys – 13 per cent

In 2021, seeking feedback should be effective, drawing on technology that simplifies the feedback process and entices customers to take part.


It’s no good seeking feedback and then letting the customer sentiment gather dust. Customers need to see the business take action on their suggestions, and businesses need to utilise their feedback investment.

That’s why businesses should be seeking simple easy feedback options that are actionable instantly. Data from feedback should reconcile into actionable tips, strategies and improvements a business can make and business should be seen to act in a timely manner.


The events of 2020 brought a new focus on hygiene and sanitisation, which saw a spike in trends like contactless payments, contactless product delivery and more.

Concerns about the spread of germs aren’t going anywhere soon, with people increasingly wary about the surfaces they touch.

New technology means seeking feedback can indeed be contactless, even if a business is looking to gain that feedback within their business environment.

This year, regardless of whether you’re in the business of retail, hospitality, education, or government, if you’re looking to acquire feedback, you should be seeking a touchless option that overcomes the response rate hurdle of methods like email and apps.

The feedback method of 2021 is here


Moodly offers affordable, appealing feedback systems which feature touchless options.

Our easy to install ExpressPODS can be positioned wherever you choose in your business to gauge the customer experience, quickly and easily in the moment, with data indicating 30 per cent of customers (and potential clients) actively engage.

This feedback is then quickly distilled into usable reports complete with actionable tips on what needs to be addressed.

You can learn more about Moodly ExpressPODs and how they can simplify and improve the feedback process here.