Using feedback to find your ideal customer

You think you know our customer, right? They’re the person who regularly buys from your brand or engages your services.

But how well do you really know them and why is it important to be intimately acquainted with their needs?

In business, a customer can evolve and change over time, just as the triggers that prompt them to buy can also be influenced by events going on around them.

That’s why it’s critical to remain acquainted with your ideal customer and to understand what drives their loyalty to your brand.

The ideal customer

The concept of the ideal customer is simple – this is the person who is most likely to have their needs met through your services or products.

In addition, they are likely to be loyal advocates for your brand, recommending your products and services to family, friends, and peers.

Knowing who this customer is allows you to better tailor your marketing, employ further strategies to meet their needs and ultimately build a solid business foundation of repeat clientele.

So how do you define them?


Defining your ideal customer

Working out who exactly your ideal customer is has traditionally been one of the first steps to creating and building a business, and involves both general research and specific insight.

General research involves broad demographics, while specific insight gets to the heart of what drives them to do what they do. That means building an ideal customer profile is broken down into several categories.


Demographics – The what

This is the broad perspective of who your customer is likely to be. What age group are they in? What gender? What family situation? And what income level?

This narrows down the people you are targeting as prospects who would likely consider your products and services.

This part of the research is often considered easy, using broad demographics and statistics to determine who your customer is.

Psychographics – The why

Finding out why your customers behave the way they do is considered more complex. Here, it’s about determining their beliefs, their morals, their concerns, approach to life, and even their world view.

This type of research often involves direct interview or tools such as surveys.

Behaviour – The how

How does your client purchase and how do they access information regarding products or services that are likely to impact them?

This information assists with any marketing strategies to draw in new clients from your ideal customer base.

Again, determining the answers to these questions involves a more targeted approach of surveying potential or current clientele.

Ultimate outcome – The who

Together, this research helps you define who your customer is, where you’re likely to find them and how you can target and cater to them to best effect.

It influences everything from marketing and communication to product offerings and services.

But the thing is, this ‘who’ can change over time, which is why it’s imperative to keep redefining your ideal customer throughout the life of your business.


How surveys can assist

Using feedback to find your ideal customer

Understanding your ideal customer involves communicating with them to determine exactly who they are, whether your services and products continue to meet their needs, how your business offering can be improved and how loyal a customer feels to your brand.

This is where surveys come into their own – allowing you to touch base with existing customers to gauge their satisfaction with your business.

By seeking feedback from your clientele, you can gain a clear insight into how your ideal customer may be changing and how you can better meet their needs.

This can be as simple as keeping track of your net promoter score through feedback surveys or more complex using surveys that take a deep dive into who your customer is.

However, the key takeaway is that just as a business might grow and change over time, so can its ideal customer. Only when the two entities know and understand each other, will a business have loyal, repeat customers that form the pillar of prolonged success.


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