customer feedback matters now more than ever

Why customer feedback matters now more than ever

It’s no secret the business landscape has changed in recent months. Covid-19 has delivered unexpected challenges across every level of enterprise.

It has impacted day-to-day operations, changed the way premises accommodate clients, and importantly it has also altered the customer expectation.

That makes now the time to engage with your customer and seek feedback, in a bid to understand whether your business is meeting their needs, whether they feel safe and comfortable and whether service continues to hit the mark in a post-Covid world.

Here are five reasons why customer feedback matters now more than ever.


Lingering concerns

When dealing with any business, today’s client naturally has lingering concerns about health, hygiene and effective service delivery.

Recent times have seen the way customers engage with their physical environment alter markedly. There’s social distancing rules and sanitisation to consider, in addition to getting the services and products they need.

That makes now the time to engage with your customer to understand how they feel in your business environment. Are you meeting their safety and wellbeing needs as well as their general service expectation?


Facilitating the business pivot

Covid-19 has forced business to adapt in new and innovative ways, but is there more you could be offering or are there better ways to service your customers?

By seeking feedback that looks to understand what a customer wants and how it could be delivered, business can continue to cater to their customer in new and exciting ways.

It can help a business identify trends, new products, additional services or new forms of delivery the customer would like to see.

And in an environment that’s as challenging financially as it is mentally and emotionally, every successful business innovation helps boost the bottom line



Seeking feedback is a way to engage with your customer, to illustrate you value them and are looking to cater to their needs.

In a nutshell, it opens a two-way conversation with a consumer that helps build trust. It says a business is here to help, that its primary focus is their customer.

Right now patrons are looking for this reassurance. They want to know they are valued, respected, their opinions matter, and their safety and satisfaction is the business priority.

When you build this connection and this trust you ultimately gain loyalty, and a loyal customer is one of the most valuable assets any business can have.


Keeping a customer

In the words of legendary business guru Peter Drucker: “The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”.

However, keeping a customer is far more valuable to any business than creating a new one.

It has repeatedly been found that 80 per cent of business’ future profits come from just 20 per cent of their customers, which makes client retention the key to success.

That’s why it’s critical to understand how your current customer feels about your business and the services or products you offer.

This is where feedback comes into its own, with tools like Net Promoter Scores allowing a business to consistently gauge how likely customers are to be advocates for a business.


The circle of retention

When a business focusses on retaining a customer by engaging with them and seeking feedback, they better understand them. This in turn allows a business to market more effectively to that customer, create strategies like loyalty programs, and better promote a brand.

Ultimately this helps bring new customers by improving the service and offering for the ones you have.


How Moodly can assist

Moodly provides an innovative hardware and software system that allows you to position feedback kiosks anywhere in your business and tailor customer surveys to suit your needs.

The state-of-the art software then instantly compiles this information into clear and simple data including a Net Promoter Score that you can instantly access.

Critically, in today’s contactless world, Moodly also offers touchless feedback terminals where customer feedback is recorded when they simply hover their finger over the desired response.

You can view our feedback terminals here.

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